Back to the illusion with the Opening Day of the MLB!


Came the day. The umpire gave the cry of Playball! and with that began a season more of The Majors. No matter what your team is or what style Milwaukee Brewers Hats New Era you like to look, it’s time to put on your cap and demonstrate your passion in this MLB season.

The wait was long, the atmosphere was tense but the excitement of watching our favorite teams jump to the diamond and start with the right foot a new year baseball in the majors. From early it felt something different, the streets plagued with MLB caps and what better than New Era to create the anticipation of what was to come.


The first pitch of the year was played by Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer, who faced home-grown Yankees at home with a 3-7 scorer in the face of the manta rays. all.


Also on Sunday, we vibrated with the Diamondbacks’ comeback 6-5 against San Francisco, courtesy Pittsburgh Penguins Womens Hat of an Owings hit in the ninth. For their part, the Cardinals did the same to the current champions, Chicago, with 4 races against 3.


Although Sunday was a good start to the day, we still have a lot ahead and we will see even more MLB caps everywhere. The real fans of the King of Sports today take the New Era cap from our favorite team with pride to school, work or wherever we go.

One of the jewels waiting for us this week is the Red Sox match, which hosts the Pirates. No doubt Boston has been strengthened and is one of the great favorites to take the title. Who do you think is the team that gets stronger this season? Show it off by wearing your MLB caps everywhere!


And you, what colors do you have on your head to show your baseball passion? If you want to receive the best information about new collections and your favorite sports, click on the SUBSCRIBE button! at the top of this page, and be part of the New Era community.

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